We at HOPE FOUNDATION affirms and adhere to take out the best of hidden qualities which every one of possess in one or the other way so as our VOCATIONAL CELL bears the duty of grooming those buried talents to prove their strengths based on the information provided by our survey and exploration cell.
Our VOCATIONAL CELL constitutes of the skilled professionals, those are specialized and trained to perform their tasks with proper management and with a spirit of team work. Here, we aim at to provide the compulsory and free education to the people who although are not very much academically brilliant but they are sufficiently enough able to gain expertise in any specific vocational course. We are known to provide the following vocational courses at our various institutes or our partner institutions located across India.
  • typewriting
  • Diploma in medical laboratory technology
  • Web designing
  • Diploma in modern secretarial practice
  • Certificate in computer application
  • Basic computing skills
  • Computer and office applications
  • Secretarial practices (Hindi)
  • Diploma in insurance services (English)
  • Construction supervision
As vocational education can be considered as one of the key method by which the other alternatives of employability can be increased so taking ahead all important aspects of the advantages of the vocational training together, we try to synergize the efforts and resources to build a feasible platform where we also working round the clock to enhance the participation of women which is very low as compared to men in India. We as an organized system committed to impart quality education by setting standards, certifications and guidelines on the syllabi being taught in our training institutes.
Our today’s educational framework is not adequately designed keeping in mind the benefits of the people; those are having skills based on old traditions and so minimizing their chances of having respectable employment opportunities. Through our vocational education and training options, we are deterring to create a pool of professionals at every possible level, those are skilled and experts of their respective fields so as to explore their potentiality and are capable of delivering their best to the society. The Vocational training is as any another aspect of learning which leads to the procurement of the practical and applied skills which also shares the basic scientific knowledge. It can be the exploration of career options, support basic academic and life skills, leadership, preparation and industry defined work, and advanced and continuing education.
We at our VOCATIONAL CELL prepare young learners for the best available careers for them that are based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. In other words, it is an education designed to develop occupational skills. The center for vocational courses and training is not merely a place to learn but a temple to live respectfully and with harmony where every member and learner knits an environment for the holistic growth, having peace and development for all.
As the every important cell of our foundation, the VOCATIONAL CELL of HOPE FOUNDATION form the very much admired and appreciated department where the individuals learn the skills to live, learn and work to emerge as a productive citizen in this global society which further helps them to become a self-reliant natives of the community those are economically independent.