Everyone believes and follows as knowledge is power but at the same time the acquired knowledge can prove to be incomplete and futile without its true perception and proper acknowledgement so here is the basis of the establishment of the OLYMPIAD FORUM of HOPE FOUNDATION.

The OLYMPIAD FORUM of HOPE FOUNDATION is a combination of team of experts, those excels in their respective fields. Here, everyone is completely dedicated towards the implementation of world class education measures for all children irrespective of the nature of hurdles come across, the one should provide with the chance to achieve their desire level of perfection and fulfillment of the dreams. The forum altogether, always in a way to find and generate new and intellectual ideas to give wings to one’s thinking. To implement the same and gather the relevant information to par with the today’s competitive world and latest technologies, it is always necessary to be well acquainted with the recent happenings around us and in the entire world so the OLYMPIAD FORUM believes to deliver the quality and advanced academic methods to the young aspires of our country no matters how much the one can do or contribute.

The OLYMPIAD FORUM of HOPE FOUNDATION constitutes of a composed network where experts and masters of various subjects as a combined team work in a coordinated and efficient manner to deliver the best of their intelligence. Every year, our OLYMPIAD FORUM organizes the competitive exams starting from junior till the senior secondary level for numerous subjects which are specially formulated and designed with all the mandatory academic aspects put together and supposedly necessary for one’s growth and development. The competitive challenges of any kind in every field not only graces and enhance the one’s intellectual intelligence both professionally and academically but are always recognized as one of the elite ways which is highly appreciated and recommended ways to mark a respect in the society. We chose and are continuing to adopt different egalitarian methods for which our eminent team of professors and readers mutually work in a congenial atmosphere along with maintaining highly persuasive and result oriented goals not only selects worthy applicants from all over the globe but at the same time, they make true to their motives and purposes without any sort of influential ways, favoritism or other concerns.

We at HOPE FOUNDATION molded and reframed the concept of conducting and organizing competitive exams which sits at the core of our educational system where each one of us is provided with the opportunity of being judged and analyzed our competitive breakthroughs where the key ambition is not to be supposed only in the form of contributing but to generate interest for the competitive challenges of any given form in today’s youth along with the motivation of popularizing and promoting the engagement of more of the people for the same.

Since the establishment of our institution, we share the credit of initiating this annual saga and providing the platform at a global level to more than 10, 00, 000 students from almost 8000 schools across India and abroad to be a part of our Olympiad exams and different activity based on global concern every year where the young apprentices of our nation are not only enthusiastically and energetically gives their whole hearted participation in our competitive exams, at the same time  they enjoy and cherish the benefit of winning several gifts and souvenirs also which includes gold, silver and bronze medals along with gifts of over 90 lakhs every year.

During the course of every year, the OLYMPIAD FORUM of HOPE FOUNDATION not only embarks and brings forward various competitive assessments in different subjects for the young novices but also stands as an autonomous body which sponsors and organizing other effectual, rewarding and constructive regional, environmental, mental and sports activities which includes the awareness and sensitivity towards the flora and fauna, social issues based on caste and religious discrimination, gender biasness, art and craft campaigns with an addition of some fun related pursuits. To add colors to our events and to make them more progressive and live, we have tied up with several renowned publishing houses, private and public academic institutions to encourage and arrange worthy gifts and alms to all our participating scholars, those with whole dedication and diligence grace all our occasions.

Continuing with the same goal, we are proceeding with excellence every year in the field of education by adding some more achievements for our organization which opens new domains and fields for the students across the globe to showcase their talents through different competitive exams.

  • ALL INDIA GENIOUS SEARCH EXAMINATION: – Every year the Olympiad forum of HOPE FOUNDATION organizes the much appreciated and most awaited event at all India level. Our motive behind this event is to find a genius for every subject which motivate and support the students to achieve their desired goal. In this quest, we offer hefty prize money for each subject to support them in order to achieve their ambition. AIGSE’s notification is scheduled to be send to all the schools during the first week of July every year and the last date will fall at the end of the month of August. AIGSE Examination’s first round will be organized in the premises of the respective schools in the beginning of October. The second round of AIGSE organized before the commencement of the vacations of winter. The whole event gets wrapped with much applause in the month of December or after the winter’s break. After the conclusion of the event, we offer the attractive prize money for the winners of two different rounds in several subjects; numerous other surprise gifts, certificates and medals are awarded to the respective schools.


  • Our another distinguished event of the year which is much talked and appreciated is called as ‘Save Environment Save Earth’ which focused on the urgent need of the hour and to divert the attention of the people towards the growing problem of pollution and hazards caused to the environment and are posing by the excessive human interference which creates imbalance to our delicate ecological system. This activity is scheduled to be held every year in the month of November and for the same notification is scheduled in the month of August or September every year.


  • We are credited to organize The Spelling bee Competition which is arranged and sponsored by the Olympiad Forum of HOPE FOUNDATION exclusively for the students of class 3 to 10 at all India Level. This contest is comprising of four main subjects which includes English, French, Hindi and Sanskrit in order to provide a comprehensive and complete evaluation based on different aspects of language like vocabulary, phonetics, Dictation, Grammatical skills, analytical points and understanding of given context. The Competition is particularly aimed to polish and improve the language capabilities of learners of various levels. This event is scheduled to be held in the first last week of July or first week of August. In this activity we provide our whole hearted motivation in the form of prize money, gifts, badges, certificates and medals to the students and school as well.

The various key activities and progress oriented ventures of our foundation are not limited to only at national level but we also offer the same enthusiasm and opportunities at the international level where more than 8,00, 000 students from 5,000 schools graced our occasions annually with much pomp and show. Every year, we are witnessing more of the schools to be a part of all our events along with much praise and admiration. We are known to provide a world class and a global platform to all our worthy participating partners so as to keep this relationship alive and intact with more progressive attitude and hence altitude in our professional and academic lives.