The concept of the GUIDANCE AND AWARENESS CELL of HOPE FOUNDATION embedded the necessary pre requisites required for the proper implementation of one’s education and knowledge to ensure success in both professional and personal life. The cell which is established with the motive to give right direction to one’s life and career is thoroughly dedicated to flourish and channelize the skills in various relevant fields not only from the professional point of view but for the people who posses specialization in various vocational courses.
Guidance is a word which is always supposed to be restricted only to the exchange of suggestions but in our opinion, it shoulders a big challenge to shape and encourage those unnoticed talents which due to the lack of required resources and other difficulties often fades away in the harsh furies of life. In life, there are lots of instances the one can encounter with, where even after attaining much qualification and experience , there is confusion and uncertainty as how to adjust with and mould the existing skills to suit with the fast changing scenario of professional and fast changing world, to keep a pace with the highly and technologically advanced systems. Our GUIDANCE AND AWARENESS CELL which imbibes the values of helping and holding hands of those who are in need composed of experts those are physiatrists but friends who are always on the task of performing their responsibilities with utmost care and perfection. With the time and continuous efforts of our whole team, we have the satisfaction of bringing smile on various faces where they can now after coming out from the state of confusion and anonymity transform and reshape their lives to move several steps ahead in life.
About our GUIDANCE AND AWARENESS CELL which is completely and fully acknowledge the value of awareness in today’s world constitutes of the trained leaders who are not only enlighten the importance of being aware but also evoke the one’s senses and open the mind towards the accomplishment of the targets to be attained and achieved in  life. Awareness can be of various types which includes the vigilance and selection for having right path in life. We all should be updated and aware for numerous social, financial, political and academic issues for having the correct and truthful information in order to place the things in their right and required manner.
“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.”
Self acknowledgement and appreciation are the precious aspects of this CELL in order to understand and reinforce the value of being admired and noticed. We try to diminish the feeling of being hurt and ignored but open the insights and create awareness to desire and dream the success in life. Being aware and alert are the key components of one’s life which are central to each and every one of us, we at HOPE FOUNDATION admits this task of implementing and inculcating the sentiments and unveil the reflection of self consciousness depending upon the situation and circumstances of one’s life.
To sum up, GUIDANCE AND AWARENESS CELL of HOPE FOUNDATION are mutually and intelligently designed cell to nurture and polish the lives of people those despite of being fully aware and awake remain in dark due to the absence of light which can only be provided with the rightful and tactful ways of giving awareness and guidance.